Below is a list of the upcoming art opportunities and workshops.


York Cattle Draw

The Art Center is hoping to have an opportunity for members to come up to York either the first or second Saturday in June 2020 to sketch and photograph cattle moving from Helena to their summer pasture in the Big Belt Mountains. Artists will be able to watch, sketch and photograph the heard of 400+ head as long as we don’t get too close. Right now with social distancing orders from the Governor it is not clear if we will still be able to do this. Stay tuned for more information.

Portrait Workshop

We are planning a workshop open to artists using any media for October 2020. Our instructor will be Mary Gayle Shannahan. More information will be forthcoming.


The Art Center offers scholarships to artists interested in taking an art workshop but need help paying for the class. Click on the link below for the guidelines and application for the AC Scholarship.

Promoting member artists and art in Montana

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