The Art Center in Helena, Montana is a nonprofit organization that works to promote the visibility of art in the community. Annual dues are collected in January and membership is open to individuals over 18 years of age or families. The benefits include on-going group shows, solo shows, networking with other artists at paint-ins and paint-outs, participating in classes and workshops at a discount, and having a presence on the Art Center’s website. We do not accept children as individual members, but they may participate in a limited way in paint-ins and paint-outs if accompanied by an parent or guardian at all times.

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  1. My name is Nancy Whitbeck-Nicholson. In January 2019 I sent in my membership application and $35 for membership but have not heard back as t o whether my application was accepted. I also asked about the benefits of joining, ie. The first and third weekend group get togethers to work on art projects. Please advise.


    1. Hi Nancy, Sorry to just get back to you. I have just taken over the website management. Contact Billie Miller – Member At Large; 406-422-2907 (cell). Let her know you sent the membership fee and she should be able to help you with the rest. Get back to me if you have trouble contacting her.
      Cindy Betka


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